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Video and Moving Image Program

THRF Group – Creative Health Video and Moving Image Program aims to improve the experience of healthcare by providing accessible and engaging experiences for everyone in the hospital and THRF Group – Creative Health communities.

Still 1, Lucy Lucy and Katherine Gailer
Image: Katira and Lucy Lucy, Embracing the Queen Spirit, image 1 (detail). Image courtesy the artists 

Embracing the Queen Spirit 

Katira and Lucy Lucy 
1 December 202329 February 2024

Embracing The Queen Spirit is a video installation showcasing the magnetic presence of renowned drag artist Valerie Hex. Within this realm, a mask symbolizes a feminine spirit that Valerie embodies, intertwining in a harmonious dance of becoming one. Ethereal fabrics gracefully flow, accentuating her every movement and creating a fluid atmosphere. These textiles serve as an extension of her artistry, symbolising the freedom and liberation that arise from embracing one’s authentic identity and unapologetic feminine power.  

The artists’ decision to exhibit their mesmerising video artwork in a health context is driven by a deep desire to create a positive and uplifting environment that can have a beneficial impact on the well-being of individuals within the hospital setting. The video’s unique style, characterised by its hypnotic and relaxing nature, serves as a powerful tool to instil a sense of tranquillity and empowerment in its viewers.

By showcasing the video in a health context, the artists recognise the potential to tap into a force that resides within each individual – a force that can help them overcome challenges and move forward in their healing journey. The slow and graceful movements of the drag queen adorned in a beautiful long dress have a therapeutic effect on the audience, inviting them to embrace moments of calm and self-reflection.

In the fast-paced and often stressful environment of a hospital, this video artwork becomes a haven of tranquillity. The artist believes that by offering a momentary escape from the worries and anxieties associated with medical treatment, the video can provide a sense of relief and solace to patients, staff, and visitors alike. Furthermore, the positive context of the artwork nurtures a profound connection with the people navigating through the hospital, creating an emotional bridge between the art and the viewers.

The choice to include a drag queen in the video adds an element of diversity and inclusivity, encouraging viewers to celebrate individuality and embrace their unique identities. The fluid and graceful movements of the long dress symbolise resilience and the ability to rise above life’s challenges, motivating viewers to find their inner strength and courage in the face of adversity.

Through this exhibition, the artists seek to inject a touch of inspiration and optimism into the hospital environment, fostering an atmosphere of healing and support. The transformative power of art is harnessed to encourage a sense of unity and compassion, reminding everyone that they are part of a greater community of humanity, all striving to move forward together. 

Still 2, Katira and Lucy Lucy