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Video and Moving Image Program

THRF Group – Creative Health Video and Moving Image Program aims to improve the experience of healthcare by providing accessible and engaging experiences for everyone in the hospital and THRF Group – Creative Health communities.

David Anthony Sant_Between here and there_1
Image: David Anthony Sant, Between here and there (detail), 2022, HD Digital Video. Image courtesy of the artist 

Between here and there

David Anthony Sant
31 May – 29 August 2024

The movement of two sides of a digital pattern towards and apart from one another is synchronised with the opening and closing of automatic sliding doors. Images of the headlands of Australia’s Botany Bay and the adjoining South Pacific Ocean, Port Botany and Sydney International Airport runways, divide to disclose the forms of towering ship-to-shore cranes and stacked shipping containers. A sea-road-rail freight hub and transport interchange within an oceanic embayment, located 13 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district. 

Mindfulness is nourished when disparate perceptions of existence and experience are articulated in the visual arts. 

David Anthony Sant_Between here and there_2

David Anthony Sant

Born in Sydney, Australia. David Anthony Sant is an educator and maker of artist films who attempts to explore the visual language of the moving image with every film he creates. A subject that re-occurs in many of his films is the passage of the urban experience within urban localities. His film making achievements are recognised by the significant number of international film festivals and filmmaking collectives who have screened his work over a time span of more than twenty years.  

David _ Anthony _ Sant