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Modbury Hospital

THRF Group – Creative Health has two galleries. One is located at the Main Entrance and one is located at the Specialist Ambulatory Rehabilitation Centre (SpARC) at Modbury Hospital.

This exhibition is held within a public hospital. We ask all visitors to follow SA Health guidelines and visiting requirements of the Modbury Hospital and SpARC, when viewing the exhibitions.

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm

Gallery Map and Visual Story

Image: Tom Maguire, Olives & Sponge Taken from Nicks List (detail), oil and spray paint on red oak plywood with pine frame, 62 x 45cm, 2024. Image courtesy the artist.  

Shopping List 

Tom Maguire
Modbury Hospital and SpARC

12 July – 9 December 2024  

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In a world which seems to be full of divides and differences of opinion, we are all united in the humble act of supermarket shopping. It is an activity which demands us to stop, take stock of our lives, and to take an inventory of our consumables. From there we inevitably document what we are lacking, in the format of the shopping list. These can either be elaborately categorised by aisle, or hastily scribbled notes on the back of a receipt from a previous shop.     

This exhibition continues my exploration of individual painted objects, allowing the viewer to focus on one specific everyday item. The difference with Shopping List is the participation of others in providing me with the subject matter. This may be consciously through the donation of a shopping list, or inadvertently with the collection of forgotten or abandoned lists found in trolleys and baskets. However the lists come to be in my possession, they provide an element of intimate audience collaboration. Together we provide a glimpse into an individualised record of wants and needs at a specific point in time.     

As an artist I’m always thinking of how people view my work. I like to think it makes people smile. My work is serious, but bright, colourful and fun. It’s something people can relate to. Sometimes shopping can be a mundane task and other times it can be a celebration and exciting. I’m hoping this work will bring people together or put a smile on some faces.  

~Tom Maguire

This exhibition is part of SALA Festival