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Natalya Boujenko, Dryandra, (detail), 2020. Image courtesy the artist.


Natalya Boujenko
22 August – 8 December 2022

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Natalya’s art draws inspiration from the world around her. She is attracted to exploring form and colour, and the infinite transformation of the subject matter brought about by different light settings and the viewing frame.  

Natalya strives to capture the energy of nature and the experiences that come from emersion within it. In this Botanicals series painted with ink on paper, Natalya uses objects found in nature to apply colour: twigs, leaves, branches and dried protea anthers. This enhances the painting process by creating unexpected shapes and linework, not readily achieved by pen or brush.  

Colourful blooms create a vibrant and stimulating environment that promotes wellbeing and offers a sense of calm. Natalya’s work invites the viewer to explore the enticing intricacy of detailing in the subject matter. This engagement helps transport the viewer from their hospital setting to the energised world of the plants and their fascinating diversity of shape and colour.