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Modbury Hospital

THRF Group – Creative Health has two galleries. One is located at the Main Entrance and one is located at the Specialist Ambulatory Rehabilitation Centre (SpARC) at Modbury Hospital.

This exhibition is held within a public hospital. We ask all visitors to follow SA Health guidelines and visiting requirements of the Modbury Hospital and SpARC, when viewing the exhibitions.

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm

Gallery Map and Visual Story

2b, 2023. Oil on board, 20 x 30cm.
Image: Cathy Frawley, ‘2b Untitled’ (detail), 2023, oil on board, 20 x 30 cm. Image courtesy the artist. 

Canola Fields Forever

Cathy Frawley 
Modbury Hospital and SpARC

25 March – 9 July 2024 

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Canola Fields Forever speaks of the transformative nature of colour and light in the Australian landscape. The paintings are abstract interpretations of the positive experience of being in nature translated through colour, light and the simplification of form. 

On a recent trip to Queensland, I drove past fields of canola. These fields of brilliant yellow juxtaposed against fields of green and a bright blue sky seemed to go on forever. My immediate emotional response to this was one of pure joy and elation.  

These continued glimpses or moments experienced in nature accumulated over time.  In abstracting the landscape my focus is on the accumulative and transformative nature of colour and light as felt in the landscape through repeated positive experiences. Recalling these glimpses or moments and translating them through painting I believe has contributed to my ongoing positive mental health and wellbeing.  

I would like to share these experiences. I believe nature has transformative potential. Where patients, health workers or members of the public may not have access to nature within a health setting, I believe I can contribute to their wellbeing through translating my experience of nature through this project. 

-Cathy Frawley 

Artist Bio 

Cathy Frawley is an Australian painter based in Adelaide, South Australia. A graduate of both Adelaide Central School of Art, where she holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours and The University of South Australia, South Australian School of Art where she holds both a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Master of Visual Arts (Research).