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Art Prize

Launched in 2021, the Centre for Creative Health Art Prize recognises and promotes the important role of art in health and wellbeing.

CCH Art Prize

2021 CCH Art Prize winner Jasmine Crisp with Ruby Allegra with winning artwork ‘They had to share (a portrait of Ruby)

Centre for Creative Health Art Prize

Artist Jasmine Crisp was awarded the $40,000 Main Prize in 2021 for her oil painting of Ruby Allegra: They had to share (a portrait of Ruby).

Of this work, the judges said: This narrative painting, using oil as its medium, remains both true to the artist’s fascination with relationships between people, their belongings and home environments, while also strongly embracing the 2021 theme of the Inaugural CCH Art Prize – ‘Healing’ a guiding criteria for all six judges.

‘They had to share, (a portrait of Ruby)’ highlights Jasmine’s sensitive connection and portrayal of her subject.  She honours and captures Ruby’s unique perspective of their lived experiences, often confronting, and frequently lacking in privacy. Daily, Ruby depends on much-needed support and care from others while in and out of the health system.

The work asks both the viewer and the health system to find compassion and respect for the challenges faced by Ruby. It is a portrait expressing the individuality, strength, endurance, and resilience of the sitter, and one which the judges believe a worthy recipient as the winner of this inaugural CCH Art Prize in 2021.



Ida Sophia and Premier Steven Marshall

The $5,000 Emerging Artist Prize was awarded to multi-disciplinary artist Ida Sophia for her work Regret, an installation that includes hundreds of written expressions of regret contributed by members of the public.

The judges remarked that this mixed media work connects to the CCH Art Prize theme through the examination of Regret as a redemptive act, and its place in the power of healing. This work expands the artist’s solo performance piece, to include multiple participants who contributed written expressions of individual regret onto 1,000 plaster tags, joining the artist in her named regrets. This is an interesting and thought-provoking work, reflecting the theme and addressing the importance of emotional and mental states and their potential contribution to healing.


Tina McKenzie and Dr Helen Mclean AM with Tina’s winning artwork ‘Replacement mother figures’


The $5,000 Veteran and Emergency First Responder Prize was awarded to Tina McKenzie for her work Replacement mother figures. The judges said, “This ceramic work of figurines depicts an artist’s representation of her internal struggle with personal emotional issues developed over time, in response to her close intimate environment and a primary relationship in which she was unable to find the peace and support she required and longed for. The ceramic figures represent and speak of the more positive symbols which she lacked as a child but which she reached for and found in her grandmother and other strong figures when she had a chance. This work highlights the importance of the formation of attachment and belonging in human identity, never more so than in today’s climate, and stresses the role of our mental state in the private journey toward health and healing.”

The 2021 Finalists:

Margaret Ambridge, Narelle Autio, Fran Callen, Sundari Carmody, Christine Cholewa, Jasmine Crisp, Louise Feneley, Yanni Floros, Honor Freeman, Sam Gold, Ray Harris, Rebecca Hastings, Solomon Kammer, Greta Laundy, Jessica Lumb, Jessica Mara, Alison Mitchell, Sophia Phillips, Bianca Smith, Minnie Taylor, Catherine Truman, Truc Truong, Amy Joy Watson, Laura Wills, Tony Wilson, Dan Withey, Elizabeth Wojciak

Neville Cichon, Amber Cronin, Emilija Kasumovic, Deb McKay, Anna Revesz, Annie Jo Smith, Ida Sophia, Madeleine Stentiford, Lisa Vertudaches

Peter Hilhorst, Tina McKenzie, Jason O’Malley, Wayne Whitfield

The Preselection Panel for the 2021 Art Prize: Penny Griggs, Sarah McDonald, Logan Macdonald.
The Judging Panel for the 2021 Prize: Diana Laidlaw AM, Margo Hill-Smith, Nicholas Linke.

2021 Centre for Creative Health Art Prize Finalist Exhibition installation view

The positive impact of the arts to improve physical, psychological and spiritual health is well recognised. Artworks submitted for the Centre for Creative Health Art Prize must reflect themes of Healing as it relates to human physical and mental health and wellbeing.

CCH delivers services within healthcare facilities to a diverse range of patients including surgical, brain injury, stroke and cardiac patients, those with cognitive impairment and orientation deficit, acute and older persons’ mental health, palliative care and veteran and emergency first responders suffering symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress.

Entry fees from the Centre for Creative Health Art Prize will contribute to the continued delivery of CCH programs and improved health and wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff in hospitals across South Australia.



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