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Art Therapy

CCH’s team of art therapists deliver one-on-one and group art therapy programs at hospitals and healthcare facilities across Adelaide.

 Art Therapist Estelle Chapple at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Art Therapists support patients in areas including mental health, stroke rehabilitation, cognitive impairment, general medicine and palliative care by providing either one-off or a series of sessions that support patients in their individual treatment or recovery. Our therapists are based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre (Southern Adelaide Palliative Service) and Modbury Hospital.

We also offer a trauma psychotherapy service for veterans and emergency first responders suffering symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress in our office at the Jamie Larcombe Centre.

Image: Art Therapist Estelle Chapple at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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The benefits of music and arts therapy are now recognised all over the world, especially for patients battling disease and illness.

At the Centre for Creative Health (CCH), we are proud to support best practice music, arts and creative programs that make a tangible difference in the wellbeing of so many patients.

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