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Mary Ann Santin, ‘Hip MRI edit’, 2021, digital print on cotton rag paper, MRI, magenta edit. 122 x 90 cm. Photo courtesy the artist.


Mary Ann Santin
21 January 2022 – 21 April 2022

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Impermanence is a concept Santin has worked with over the years. Life is precious precisely because it is fleeting and impermanent. X-ray films have appeared in Santin’s collages since 2008 and her fascination continues in this new body of work.

Radiology department equipment such as MRIs, CT scans and X-ray’s record moments in time deep within the flesh and Santin finds the results almost magical.

“An orthopaedic surgeon and friend once told me that MRI and X-ray are just tools, but I see something more poetic than that. The revelations these machines capture, talk of intangible temporal spaces, something beneath the skin’s surface. The films give me the material to digitally mess with that space between being and nothingness”.

Normally, a patient will only be shown the relevant stills of an MRI and will rarely see their own MRI in total: from entry point to exit point. Santin had an opportunity to see her own MRI in full, which has produced a filmic set of images she has used for her own digital manipulation. The MRI was taken in 2020, if it was repeated today, the body would have changed and the results would be different.

The CT scan for Head, was a donated set of films from a family friend.

Mary Ann Santin is an interdisciplinary artist creating installations of paint and object. Santin has a Bachelor of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art, and a Masters of Visual Art and Studio Practice, University of South Australia. She has won prestigious awards with work held in national and international private collections including the Art Gallery of South Australia, Iran, Scotland, Netherlands, Hong Kong and a resort in Thailand. The work has featured in public spaces including the Adelaide International Airport, the State Library of South Australia, on Adelaide’s city street verges and included in various South Australian Biennials.

This exhibition was presented as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival @West Village.