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Image above: Jane Smeets, I See You, (detail), 2022, mixed media on canvas. Photo courtesy the artist.

The Nature of Health

Jane Smeets
28 March – 1 August 2022

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Nature, connection and compassion thread through Jane Smeets’ artwork. Living in the Fleurieu Peninsula has deepened her relationship with the natural world, with daily sightings providing a sensory immersion from sky to earth, silence to sound, feathers to fur.

Smeets has been significantly influenced by both the richness of regional living and her former career as an Arts Psychotherapist and Educator in palliative services. These experiences have deepened her understanding of the importance of human engagement with the natural environment for the benefit of health and wellbeing.

Smeets’ professional experiences in the clinical setting have encouraged her ongoing artistic inquiry into the natural world. Engaging therapeutically with individuals facing end of life, Smeets observed two key values, to connect with loved ones and nature.

Here, when exhibited in the contrasting surrounds of an otherwise sterile environment, her large-scale, dynamic paintings offer a welcome and necessary window to nature and the outdoors.

Through her mixed media expressions of birdlife and kangaroos, Smeets invites her viewers to connect deeply with nature: to cultivate wonder, evoke an appreciation of the natural world, and develop kindness, compassion and insight.