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Refocusing the Gaze: Considering the patient experience through the Creative Arts

When:  8 September 2021 – 10 March 2022
Where: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Artist: Artworks by CCH Creative Arts Therapists and Tutor

TQEH_Art_Tutor_Undefined_Detail _IMG 0104
Image above: Creative Arts Tutor- Mental Health, Undefined (detail), Mixed media, 75cm Round Canvas

Refocusing the Gaze: Considering the patient experience through the Creative Arts

8 September 2021 – 10 March 2022

Artworks by Centre for Creative Health’s:
Creative Arts Therapist – General Medicine
Creative Arts Therapist – Palliative Care
Creative Arts Tutor – Mental Health

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Art making allows humans to reflect, consider and understand their experience of the world; how we engage with it, how we form and maintain relationships and how we make sense of events that are beyond our control.

Illness, disease, and physical trauma propels us into unfamiliar medical environments, which often results in navigating the physical, emotional, and spiritual self in search of answers.

The feel of clay in the hand, the making of a mark to express how we’re feeling or selecting a specific art material or colour can provide us with choice, autonomy, and control. It gives us the tools to understand ourselves and communicate our truth to others.

As Creative Arts Therapists and Art Tutor working in the hospital environment, we work in collaboration with patients to explore their worlds through process driven art making, putting the emphasis on experience rather than the end product – much like life itself.

The work produced by patients is often deeply personal and not appropriate for public display. With this in mind, we have created artworks that attempt to convey themes explored by patients and our own reflections of this work, celebrating the collaborative nature of the Creative Arts Therapies.

 Creative Arts Therapist – General Medicine

The Creative Arts Therapist works within the general medical wards of the Queen Elizabeth and Royal Adelaide Hospitals. Having gained a degree in Creative Arts, a Master of Art Therapy and experience working with a diverse range of people including older people, children, people with disabilities, mental illness and physical health issues, the Creative Arts Therapist assists people to engage in creative processes and to express their stories, experiences, hopes and dreams.

Creative Arts Therapist – Palliative

This Art Therapist’s role in Central Adelaide Palliative Care sees her working across the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Royal Adelaide Hospital with Patients in a hospital setting and in the community. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art therapy, a Graduate Diploma of Art Psychotherapy from the IKON Institute and is a member of ANZACATA (Australia, New Zealand and Asia Creative Art Therapist Association). She has worked at Central Adelaide Palliative Care since 2015 and supports patients at end of life and their families.

Creative Arts Tutor – Mental Health

 The Creative Arts Tutor started working with the Centre for Creative Health in 2017 after completing an arts residency at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital. Following a background in visual arts and a history working as an artist in health care settings, she now primarily works with patients across the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN). In this capacity, the Arts Tutor dedicates her time and energy to supporting creativity for patients and is regularly impressed by the talent of the people she works with.