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Plant Carers

When: 8 August – 14 November 2022
Where: Bessie Davidson Gallery, the Royal Adelaide Hospital
Artist: Louise Flaherty

Louise Flaherty, Glenyss  (detail), 2022, ink on rag paper, 72 x 52cm. Image courtesy the artist. 

Plant Carers

Louise Flaherty
8 August – 14 November 2022

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Artist statement  

Plant Carers is a body of work created in response to my long-term research into native flora across South Australia investigating the personal and environmental effects of losing vulnerable flora. Plant Carers depicts a collection of portraits of hands working in the process of caring for our native flora, which have been collected during periods of research. I am inspired and motivated by all the work done by the range of people who work and volunteer in plant conservation and research, ranging from Scientists, artists, researchers, passionate volunteers revegetating on public and private land. I hope to highlight and honour the important work that they are doing in caring for our precious flora. 

It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to share these drawings of care with the hospital, which is also a place for care. I hope that the drawings can plant seeds of curiosity into a world of care for our plants and environment.
-Louise Flaherty, 2022

Louise Flaherty is an artist and arts worker based in Adelaide. Informed by quiet reflection on the natural environment, she is a socially engaged artist and her current practice spans drawing and installation with a focus on collaborative community driven projects. She has exhibited widely with recent exhibitions/projects including: Sauerbier House Cultural Exchange, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, OSCA’s Parklands Project, Vitalstatistix’s Adhocracy program, Nature Festival, Museum of Economic Botany at Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Louise is currently a studio resident at Post Office Projects, Port Adelaide. 

This exhibition was presented as part of SALA Festival