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Pieces of Happiness

When: 3 October 2022 – 7 February 2023
Where: Emerging Artists Gallery, Royal Adelaide Hospital 
Artists: Sam Garton

Sam_Garton_Blue_and_Green_Flowers_2022_marker_and_ink on canvas, 258mm x 258mm
Sam Garton, Blue and Green Flowers (detail), 2022, marker and ink on canvas, 258mm x 258mm. Image courtesy the artist.

Pieces of Happiness

Sam Garton
3 October 2022 – 7 February 2023

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Pieces of Happiness, a debut solo exhibition by Sam Garton, sought to spread feelings of positivity and joy. 

Sam is an emerging visual artist who enjoys working with inks and gel pens. The combination of soft ink washes and simple line drawings create gentle designs that soothe and calm. Sam used harmonious colour palettes with pops of bright colours to catch the eye and draw the viewer in. Inspired by nature and the things that make Sam happy, Pieces of Happiness featured delicate motifs repeated over and over. It is through repetition that these small-scale motifs become impactful, and the process of mark marking enables Sam to fall into a rhythm and lose herself in her art. 

For Sam, creating art is integral for her happiness and wellbeing. It has played an important role in her health journey and brought her joy during times of recovery. By exhibiting in the hospital Sam sought to create a space which invoked happiness in patients, staff, and visitors alike and allowed them to simply enjoy themselves in the moment. 

This exhibition was supported by the Independent Arts Foundation (SA) Inc.