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Peri Urban Progress

When:28 October 2022 – 23 February 2023
Where: Online
Artist: Cynthia Schwertsik

Image: Cynthia Schwertsik, ‘Peri Urban Progress(2018), video still #5. Image courtesy the artist.

Peri Urban Progress 

Cynthia Schwertsik
28 October 2022 – 23 February 2023

On my open top two-seater, un-motorised but elevated, I am a visitor, striding through the neighbourhood. Along the boundaries, fence-lines, and roads, I circumvent Adelaide’s peri-urban and suburban districts. Here, where the landscape is begrudgingly slotted into the built environment, I laboriously make my rather lonely way. I wander through space that is claimed for human convenience, but is there really anybody out here? 

 Rarely, I cross paths with other people; mostly in a car pressing past. Maybe, If I’m lucky, I end up beyond these partitions and catch a glimpse of the vast, majestic landscapes of South Australia. 

 At the heart of my effort is the intention to move through shared space with a sense of care and tolerance. Public performances are offerings I make to provoke a smile, even wonderment, most of all I value conversations that arise. I believe physical and mental health improve through connection and of course laughter. 

 Cynthia Schwertsik’s poetic arts practice unfolds predominantly in activating public space through collaborations and exploring life’s absurdities by thinking through things. Cynthia has exhibited and performed throughout Europe, South Africa, and Australia, been the recipient of grants and residencies from the Austrian and Australian government and completed public art commissions. Schwertsik holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Dance Diploma.  

 Cynthia Schwertsik, ‘Peri Urban Progress’ (2018), video, sound, 8.32 seconds. 

Video Jennifer Hofmann. 

Video arrangement by Freddy Komp. 


Previous exhibitions and awards or Peri Urban Progress: 

Praxis Artspace, BEST AFTER, SALA Festival 2018 

Winner of the Unitcare Services Moving Image Award, SALA 2018 

Adelaide Festival Centre screening program, September 2018 

Garten der Kuenstler #Tulln, Austria, May – September 2018 

HIDDEN Rookwood Films, (highly commended), Sydney, 2019