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Jenny Berry, Ocean Garden, 2022, detail, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 61cm. Image courtesy the artist.

Ocean Tides

Jenny Berry
28 March – 1 August 2022

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My artworks reflect the deep passion I feel for our oceans and their marine inhabitants. Deep oceanic blue, sea greens, vivid turquoise, light filled, detailed and shimmering. When I am not painting this luminous environment, I am scuba diving in it, immersing myself in inspiration. My paintings are created from memories and images I capture whilst underwater.

In 2018, I began creating art on a regular basis. Today I exhibit frequently, sell artwork both locally and internationally and take opportunities to share my artwork in varied environments. My practice includes murals which aim to reflect the local marine species and serve as a platform to spark conversation around our wonderful marine life.

Capturing unique species and diverse underwater environments and sharing them with others is something I love doing. It feels natural to me to share the ocean and protect it.

For me, one of the aims of making artwork is to bring joy and happiness to viewers. Often, my artwork evokes memories of happy times spent at the ocean or on the beach. Many people have a positive relationship with the sea and my paintings resonate with that positivity. Much like the smell of the ocean can stimulate a happy memory, I hope that my paintings of ocean life will do the same. I would love to bring some of those positive feelings to the hospital environment.

– Jenny Berry, 2022