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Hold Hands With Your Mind

When: 12 September 2022 – 26 January 2023
Where: Community Gallery, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Artists: Brianna Fantis

Brianna Fantis, I Remember the Laughter (detail), 2022, acrylic on canvas, 46 x 61.5cm. Image courtesy the artist. 


Brianna Fantis
12 September 2022 – 26 January 2023

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Artist statement
The sentimental value of memory and abstract mark-making come together to explore the human psyche and provide a safe space for reflection.  

The works showcase the intimate trepidation that becomes warped with intensity when in pursuit of your own mind. The heavy vignette effects of the “Tunnel Vision” works, demonstrate this cautious behaviour, whilst also reminding oneself that there is glowing colour to be found in vulnerability.  

Holding onto that colour can resurface core memories that feel like a warm hug. Understanding this, I find comfort in taking photos of memories I don’t want wandering and lost in my mind. The “Treasured Memories” series are some of these photos. They are enhanced in hues of positive and calming colour emotions, so that they stay close to me in my mind’s embrace. 

The influence for this body of work is the experiences and benefits I have personally found from therapy and counselling. I have learnt that there is grace in asking for help. 

I have spent a long time in conversation with my own mind, sometimes in formal therapy and counselling sessions. The encouragement in therapy, where I allow myself to create a space that I willingly become vulnerable in, is something that translates in these abstract artworks. 

Therapy is sometimes hard to access, so these works comment on my own positive experiences with conversation and help provide that positive energy to others who are perhaps apprehensive about accessing help. I have learnt that vulnerability can give birth to glowing colour.   

   – Brianna Fantis, 2022