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Megan Roodenrys, Eucalypt, 2021, detail, oil on polycotton, 120 x 154cm. Image courtesy the artist.

grass and tree

Megan Roodenrys
28 March – 1 August 2022

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Megan is a third-generation visual artist with considerable experience. Her work is represented in collections nationally and internationally. Her practice encompasses a variety of disciplines including painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

Known for her portraiture, Megan makes intelligent and sensitive representations of individuals. Her work also explores a wide range of genre and has a distinctive aesthetic.

At the centre of Megan’s practice is the belief that an artwork has the ability to seduce the eye and open the mind to communicate in a way that is both direct and subversive.

Megan is passionate about her craft and is currently undertaking postgraduate study so as to keep learning and challenging herself. She is continually surprised and inspired by her relationship with art and is always looking for new ways to communicate through art practice.

Can Art help us feel better? Can it help relieve anxiety and let our bodies heal? Through this collection of paintings, I hope to do just that.

They are busy paintings. They are made up of brush work and pallet-knife scrapes, drawn lines and pastel marks. There are grass stems, tree branches, reflections and shadows. Does that busyness hold our attention? Can these scenes of trees and grasses, river and reeds help us take a break, for a short time, from all the concerns we have? Artwork helps healing.

-Megan Roodenrys, 2022