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Field Notes Flinders Ranges

When: 23 June – 13 October 2022
Where: Lyell McEwin Hospital
Artist: Cathy Frawley


4. Pink Sky in the evening,2021, oil on canvas,102 x 76cm
Image above: Cathy Frawley, Pink Sky in the evening (2021), oil on canvas, 102 x 76cm. Image courtesy the artist..

Field Notes Flinders Ranges

Cathy Frawley
23 June – 13 October 2022

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‘I am interested in the therapeutic potential of nature and art to affect a positive emotional response in the artist and viewer.’ Cathy Frawley, 2022.

Working intuitively with source material, SA based artist, Cathy Frawley recalls the sensory experience of light, colour and atmosphere through her practice of painting and drawing. Attesting to her own positive experiences, Cathy hopes to share this sensory connection with viewers.

Field Notes Flinders Ranges offers an interpretative response to camping in the Flinders Ranges. Presented as part of SALA Festival (2022), this exhibition showcases Cathy’s painting and drawing works whilst speaking to the role of art and nature in positive wellbeing.

Cathy Frawley completed a Bachelor of Fine Art, from the South Australian School of Art in 1980, a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2009 and a Master of Visual Arts (Research) in 2014 from the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia. Following studies in Visual Art Education at the University of South Australia, Cathy taught Primary and Secondary Art within the Catholic Education System for twenty years.

Cathy’s research interests lie within the genre of landscape. Increasing her own awareness of sensations experienced in the landscape, she translates these sensations through painting and drawing. Her work is an ongoing register of the impressions, colours and moods of the landscape explored. Cathy’s interest is in the potential materiality of paint and drawing media to create a positive response in viewers.