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Lesley Gould, Pied Oyster Catcher (Haematopus ostralegus), 2021, scratchboard 28 x 23cm. Photo courtesy the artist.

Feathered Friends

Lesley Gould
7 December 2021 – 9 February 2022

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Busy, happy birds make us smile! This series is a reflection of my fascination and love of birds. These cheerful images should fit well in a health setting as they may help patients as they deal with unsettling problems. I am using the medium of scratchboard attempting to capture the character of the birds, their busy lives, bright colours & quirky nature.

My childhood spent on King Island created a fascination for the amazingly diverse birdlife. I was also introduced to wonderful seascapes and rocky coastlines, and I think this is when my interest in creating images began.

I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in painting) at the University of Tasmania in 2014. I became interested in Printmaking after completing a semester in this medium and joined a Printmaking collective in 2015.

I began entering exhibitions where I was fortunate to sell some of my artwork in various mediums including oils, pastels and printmaking. I sold some of my work in galleries in Tasmania, and currently supply a gallery in Hobart with my linocut prints.

On returning to Adelaide in 2018 I joined the Port Community Art Centre painting group and the Port Adelaide Printmaking Collective. I am also a member of The Pastel Artists of South Australia, and the Red House Group. I participate in the exhibitions organised by these organisations.

I have recently become interested in the medium of scratchboard. Masonite boards coated with Kaolin clay are covered with Indian ink. The image is created by scratching through the ink to the white clay using a variety of blades, needles, nibs or anything that makes a mark. Colour can then be added to the white areas with ink.

– Lesley Gould, 2021