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Image: Eleanor Zecchin, Every moment is a chance to start again (2022), stop motion, 55 seconds.

Every moment is a chance to start again

Eleanor Zecchin
29 July – 27 October 2022

This work continues to expand Eleanor’s painting practice into the 3-dimensional realm, animated using stop motion. Material and method are chosen specifically, metaphorically acting as vehicles in which the complexities and conundrums of life are explored. Process-based approaches signify deep personal meaning, in this work each small physical shift of objects over hours of studio work signify patience, play and curiosity about potential new narratives to be created.

Eleanor Zecchin, with her sculptures for SALA Festival at Post Office Projects venue. 10 August 2021. Picture Dean Martin

Eleanor continuously looks for new ways of seeing and processing her experience through diverse approaches; from the attempted discipline of an optimistic mind in her 1000 ways to rainbow project at Newmarch Gallery to chance-based, absurdist works made for serious play – scenes for an imagined theatre at Post Office Projects in 2021.

Her public practice spans almost 20 years including local and national exhibitions and inclusion in prizes such as the Heysen Prize for Landscape and Tatiara Art Prize. She is the Studio Head of Painting at Adelaide College of the Arts.

Eleanor is committed to finding new ways to connect her practice to the public through accessible platforms. Through this digital presentation of stop motion, her critters are bought to life as they play out their adventures on the screen.