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Marek Herburt

Marek Herburt was born in 1954 in Lodz, Poland. When he was 15 years old Marek attended secondary Art School where he had a fascination with Polish and French Impressionists. His desire for further education in the arts led him to the Academy of Art in Lodz in 1975. At this time, he was totally fascinated with light and its influence over colours and forms. Through experimentation with watercolour, Marek was primarily interested in very colourful abstracted landscapes. Over the years this work has remained his central artistic pursuit. In 1994 Marek returned to Poland for 12 months and started to work ‘plein air’, continuing to abstract the landscape but working with oil on smaller canvasses, spending time thinking deeply and about each application of colour.

On his return to Australia in 1995 Marek completed a large body of representational religious narrative images using local people as models. Abstraction however was still strong and continues to be a recurring impetus to his creative life. Permeating his artistic pursuit is the ongoing fascination with light and the effect it has on colour and form. His work increasingly reflects and awareness of the Australian light on the environment. Here, colours are interacting with each other and the interactions in the spaces between forms are as important as the forms themselves. Charming in dynamic design and with a variety of colours depending on the time of the day or season, Eucalyptus trees have become central themes in many of his paintings.

Arts in Health Statement:
“My recent works demonstrate a deep fascination and connection with Australian flora and landscape. I hope the life and beauty that this landscape evokes for me will generate similar feelings of resilience and wellbeing for workers, patrons and visitors to Health Centres.”