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Jess Mara, Embrace (Self Portrait with Son), (2019), oil on linen, 55 x 122cm. Photo courtesy the artist.

Bundled Together

Jess Mara
19 November 2021 – 22 March 2022

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Jess Mara is an Adelaide based painter and lecturer at Adelaide Central School of Art. Her work can be found in exhibitions, competitions, private and corporate collections.

Jess paints in a realist manner inspired by her everyday surroundings. She draws on themes of place, identity, and the passing of time. She is a mother of two beautiful children who inspire her greatly. Jess enjoys painting fabric and patterns and finds she gets absorbed in these details.

This series of work, Bundled Together, draws on personal domestic rituals and practices to reflect on the many loads we carry in day-to-day life. Through a series of paintings, she utilises concealed items and an introspective tone to examine both physical and emotional states. Wrapped and held together, these paintings signify at times a comfort, a weight, something to hold, to nurture, to love, to juggle or to sort, suggesting an attempt to find balance.

Through showing these works she hopes to evoke a connection.

This exhibition was presented as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.