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Attending Place

When: 20 May – 29 September 2022
Where: The Royal Adelaide Hospital
Artist: Georgina Willoughby

Georgina Willoughby, 10 (detail), 2022, waterless lithograph on Cordenons paper, 25 x 25cm mounted. Image courtesy the artist.

Attending Place

Georgina Willoughby
20 May – 29 September 2022

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These prints draw inspiration from a renewed dedication to taking regular walks in nature as an antidote to increased busy-ness and the connection this restorative act builds within the self. To create these new works on paper, semi-abstract motifs and imagery, recalled from riverside ambling and intertwining pathways, are repeated, reassembled and layered through the printmaking process.

The interwoven layers of each work connect present and future moments, invoking ideas of hope, opportunity and change in times of uncertainty.  In the making of this work, a mindful approach to a regular walking route becomes a strategy for enhancing both my wellbeing and a foundation for a refreshing approach to my creative practice.

By presenting this work in a Health context I aim to create an optimistic passage between an interior built environment and an organic environment of colour and possibility. Through the application of organic shapes, textures and a variety of colours I hope that these works serve as joyful way-markers that may both aid orientation and offer optimistic points of interest for those visiting & working within the RAH space.

Attending Place was displayed across both Emerging Artist Galleries, E and F and was divided into Part A and Part B (You can never step in the same river twice) respectively.

This exhibition was presented as part of SALA Festival 2022.