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Image above: Ray Deakin, Walking Man, 2020, framed photograph, 42 x 32 cm. Image courtesy the artist. 

Walking Man

Ray Deakin 
20 October 2023 – 6 March 2024

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In 2020 we learned a new word to be afraid of. Pandemic. Like Tsunami it quickly became a word in everyone’s vocabulary. We also learned to ‘link’ some words that would haunt as for years to come.

Social Distancing. Close Contact. Flatten The Curve. Stay Home. And another, that hundreds of thousands of people suffer with daily. Mental Health. Suddenly the isolation and fear of the unknown affected us all and we became one family.

Walking Man.

I guess this is a twofold look at the time since it all began. We were told “STAY HOME”. So, we all did exactly the opposite and began exercise regimes like never before. Walking along every footpath and beach to get our allotted time out of the house. And I did the same. Taking my camera along as my companion.

In 2020 we were told that this was going to be a long road to travel, that it would take 3-4 years before we returned to normal (whatever that is).

A journey of mind, body and spirit.

So here we sit. 3 1/2 years later. And I ask.

“Are we there yet?”




I’m grateful to have held my first exhibition in this setting. Fear and anxiety have always held me back in this regard despite appearing confident and outgoing.

Photography gives me “Time away from Time”. Everyone should have “something”.


Ray Deakin, 2023