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Image above: Amanda Jackson Brown, ‘Boomerang Love’, 2023, mixed media on canvas, 50.5 x 40.5cm. Image courtesy the artist. 

The Adventures of Purple Princess: Adnyamathanha-Ngarrindjeri warrior

Amanda Jackson Brown 
6 April – 18 October 2023

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Artist Statement

  • I am a creative storyteller.  I use different mediums to symbolise my cultural Dreaming using the oldest tools to create unique expressions of my art.  
  • My inspiration comes from my past experiences and calls on generations of indigenous women’s experience – we share our Dreaming to create a healing experience.  
  • Using paint and recyclable materials as well as items from nature I draw, carve, and colour a future world – one foot in today and another in tomorrow.  

I am a proud Adnyamathanha- Ngarrindjeri woman.  Growing up as a young girl in Adelaide with my family, I was the second oldest born twin to 5 siblings.  My mother was a child stolen from Yorta country and placed in an orphanage, unable to connect again with her birth family for many years.  Her sorrow punctuated my childhood and while we could feel the pain and sadness and see the tears her grief was borne in silence.   

In my family curiosity was discouraged, grinding poverty was the norm and the notion of belonging was an unknown concept to me. Seeking the comfort of alcohol my family members self-medicated to dull the pain of trauma, shame and loss.  Despite this we were able to recognise family heroes:  Nana Buck was the Boss and Nanna Sue the free spirit – it was through these strong women our family culture was shared with the current generation.  They helped us make sense of our world through their stories.  They helped us recognise belonging in our culture.    

My road to stability has been a long and winding one and I have been able to express the realities of my past and the hope for my culture’s future through my artistic expression.  From childhood to parenthood I have explored love, respect, growth, family and cultural values.  

I express passion through art and healing from trauma through creation.  I express the struggles of keeping culture alive, living in 2 worlds and I bring a holistic wellness approach to healing art.   

Amanda Jackson Brown, 2023 


This exhibition was presented as part of SALA Festival 2023.