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Margie Sheppard, ‘Balancing Act’ (detail), 2022, Etching, 80 x 60cm. Image courtesy the artist. 

Margie Sheppard – Recent Etchings

24 April6 November 2023

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Artist statement

I had the opportunity to study printmaking about 30 years ago, having previously specialised in painting at art school in the early 70s. There were many years where I worked exclusively as a printmaker, but now both practices – painting and printmaking – hold different, but equally strong attractions for me. The labour of etching, inking, scratching, burnishing steel, layering colours and proofing make each print hard won but worthwhile.  

This exhibition of prints shows a transition to the most simple forms, leaving behind the figuration of my previous work.   

It is a joy and a new experience for me to exhibit my work in a public health space. My hope is that my works allow for an exchange of energy, have lasting visual interest and are emotionally expansive.   

 – Margie Sheppard, 2023  

Artist Bio 

Margie graduated from the South Australian School of Art in Painting in 1973 and taught in the TAFE system early in her career. From 2016 to 2021, Margie opened and ran West Gallery Thebarton. She has had more than 30 solo exhibitions in South Australia and interstate. She has also exhibited in New Zealand, Slovenia, Mexico, Korea and the USA and has been selected for a number of important print exhibitions such as the Fremantle Print Award and is also a three-time winner of the Whyalla Art Prize Print Award.  

This exhibition was presented as part of SALA Festival 2023.