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Kat Khor, ‘Poppies’ (detail), 2022, pencil on paper, 87 x 62 x3.5cm. Image courtesy the artist 


Kat Khor 
24 April6 November 2023

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Kat Khor is an Adelaide based, emerging contemporary hyper realism artist.  Involved in the visual arts from a young age, she has been awarded in local youth council art prizes, competitions, and subject prize awards during her secondary studies.  

Kat’s life continued a path of creativity until 2015 when her career took an unexpected turn into a position of order and procedure as an emergency service worker, and she lost this sense of creativity. Seeking a creative outlet from the demands of her employment, she has reconnected with her creative side.  

Since Kat has have reignited her love of art, she has been a semi-finalist in the 2020 Tony White Memorial Art Prize, had her artwork displayed in the Bluethumb Gallery in Goodwood and work curated by property stylists, Fresh House Co.  

Prologue was an introduction to the works of Kat Khor and her highly detailed and intricate drawings. 

Prologue was an exploration of the intricacies of movement and colour using silk scarves as a subject. 

My artworks draw upon colour psychology to emote positive warm feelings to viewers. I consider the use of colour in all my pieces and aim to understand the feelings that the use of each colour emotes. 

My artworks are bright and colourful and I understand that aesthetically pleasing things to the eye can have a positive impact and impact the wellness of those who view them. 

 – Kat Khor, 2023 

This exhibition was presented as part of SALA Festival 2023.