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Thomas Ling, A Nice Christmas Afternoon (detail), 2022, 315gsm digital print on German Etching fine art paper, coffee timber frame, 59.4 x 42 cm. Image courtesy of the artist

Hart Avenue

Thomas Ling
8 December 20231 May 2024

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Hart Avenue initially started as an exploration of the largely undocumented presence of mid-century architecture in a small coastal town, which then slowly transitioned into a personal study of re-connection in the presence of change. Lockdowns resulted in a move to my hometown by the coast for 12 months, the first significant amount of time spent there in 10 years. This body of work is an attempt at creating a tapestry of imagery that honestly documents the many facets of this small, sleepy coastal environment, amidst a newfound respect for the beauty of a place that has come with a change in personal values. It is equal parts an examination of my own relationship with Encounter Bay, as it is a canvas for a photographic study, constantly looking inwards where the process of creating the work is more important than the work itself. Taking influence from the new topographic and new objectivity movements, Hart Avenue considers the meditative process of photography, whilst also acknowledging the need to document this place in time amongst a rapidly changing cultural and economic environment.  

The arts provide participants with a voice to explore themes and make connections that extend beyond the limitation of language. From an Arts in Health perspective, I fundamentally believe that the arts provide us with an opportunity to connect cognitively and emotionally with concepts at a deeper, human level. 

Thomas Ling