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Image: Brad Lay, ‘From the Sea Foam Came Pegasus’ still (detail), 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

From the Sea Foam Came Pegasus

Brad Lay
17 May – 17 August 2023

Artist Statement: In ancient Greek mythology, a winged horse named Pegasus emerged from sea foam as the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa. This video is perhaps a dream sequence. You can control and alter your experience of this by turning subtitles and sound on and off, in any combination. When CC is pressed, Pegasus visits a subterranean club to hang out with other winged horses. Without subtitles, you might choose to meditate on the currents and colours formed when a sea surge engulfs a discarded feather. Turning the sound on and off may also change your perception of this footage.

There is no one complete way to experience the video. Piece it together as you see fit.

Bio: Brad Lay is an artist living and working on Kaurna Land in Adelaide, South Australia. He is interested in the interplay between land, sea, text and sound, and works with video, photography, sound, drawing and installation to experiment with and coalesce these fields.