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Greta Laundy, ‘Chasing Rainbows’ (detail), 2023, acrylic and oil on canvas, 93 x 93 x 5 cm

Chasing Rainbows 

Greta Laundy  
13 November 2023 – 8 April 2024 

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Colour’s psychological affect has been extensively researched over the years, including in health care settings as it creates physiological responses, including upon our metabolism, autonomic nervous system, and even our appetite! I strongly believe that viewing art can be a healing and uplifting experience for people and in Chasing Rainbows I wanted to dig deep into my own love of colour to create an immersive exhibition which brings a sense of calm, reflection, and positive energy for the patrons of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, a busy environment which can be stressful and frightening for many patients.  

Colour is not only a physical phenomenon we all experience but it is also a strongly individual experience in how we perceive and respond emotionally to colour. We often form strong preferences for certain colours in childhood, perhaps reminded of pleasant memories, with the converse also being the case. These biological, cultural, and psychological factors are endlessly interesting to me as an artist.  

In Chasing Rainbows, I have loosely taken the hues of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) as inspiration to explore my own responses to each hue, drawing upon the commonly accepted colour associations (ie: blue and green are calming, orange is fun and uplifting etc) to create an immersive experience of abstracted landscapes for the viewer to contemplate and reflect upon the energy embodied by each work and their own emotional responses to them. Hopefully, viewers calmed their nervous systems and felt hopeful and uplifted whilst taking in the works. 

Greta Laundy, 2023