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10th October 2023 Latest News

Treasured memories to hold close

Abbi and Jackie resized

Comfort in the form of a cuddly bear provides bereaved families a chance to reminisce about their loved ones.

Thanks to your support, the Treasure Bear service has been in place for 10 years for palliative care patients and their families.

Through THRF Group – Creative Health’s unique and tailored Art Therapy program, families can choose to make art-based legacy items such as hand casts, hand-printed mugs or Treasure Bears.

If a family chooses Treasure Bears, a Creative Health Art Therapist (Jackie or Abbi) will work with them to select clothing items from their loved ones, which are crafted into the shape of a bespoke bear.

Abbi said it was a privilege and honour to facilitate the legacy service for the bereaved families.

“I often witness people being moved to tears, cuddling the bear close to them, all with slight smiles
on their faces,” she said.

“The bears offer a tactile connection to their loved one and emotions understandably run deep.

“Stories are often shared in sessions containing humorous traits, nostalgic moments, or funny things their loved ones used to do/say.”

As one patient said about her husband:

“Receiving the bears filled a physical gap that he left. I have felt his presence through the bears, so much so that I was able to find sleep for the first time since he died.

“The Treasure Bear service is priceless. It provides huggable comfort and is a source of joy amongst our grief.”

Each bear is lovingly created by Judith – a valued volunteer whose sewing skills create a legacy that families can cherish.

Abbi said patients were thrilled when they received the Treasure Bears and often said comments
such as: “It looks just like him/her,” or “I’ll treasure this forever.”

The popular Treasure Bear service is offered at Southern Adelaide Palliative Care Service.

Creative Health is seeking more volunteers to keep up with the demand and share Judith’s workload.

To find out how you can volunteer your sewing skills, contact Abbi on [email protected]