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1st February 2019 Latest News

The Ripple Effect – The Power of One Donation

Ripple Water

At the end of 2017, a patient made a kind donation to the Centre for Creative Health. The funds were used for music projects at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the ripple effect it’s had is worth so much more to patients and their families.

A portion of the funds were used to re-string two existing guitars and purchase two new guitars. This led to two guitars being available for patients in the RAH’s Mental Health Unit, one in the Stroke Unit and one at Hampstead in rehabilitation.

This then enabled the introduction of a Musician-in-Residence in the Mental Health Unit and requests from family members for musicians to play in patient rooms in Intensive Care.

The donation also allowed for two other guitars to be repaired after having broken strings, and these are now being used by a Music Therapist working across the RAH. This therapist has also been able to purchase an iPad and a specific music program to expand her work with patients and families, catering for their specific taste in music, especially in the Stroke Unit.

Purchasing music equipment which meets infection control requirements has ensured music is available to many more patients in the general medical rooms.

The donation also allowed the purchase of CD players, leading to music being available to dementia and cognitive impairment patients during Diversional Therapy to calm them and provide a soothing background.

Battery operated systems allow music to be played in courtyards and other areas where there is no power source. Having these systems has led to performances and special events for more mobile patients, families and staff in a range of spaces within the hospital.

The impact of one donation is being felt across the hospital and beyond! This kind act has made and will continue to make a huge difference in the lives of patients suffering from illness and their families.