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24th November 2020 Latest News

Thanking SA’s COVID-19 Nurses

Welcome Home Nurse Gifts Nardia

In 2020, some of South Australia’s nurses volunteered to travel to Victoria to help with the fight against COVID-19.

On their return, the nurses had to quarantine for two weeks so the Centre for Creative Health (CCH) put together care packages to welcome them home and help them through their hotel quarantine.

CCH Art Therapists Jess Bennett and Estelle Chapple said the care packages were a great way for the nurses to pass time in quarantine.

“Estelle and I created 17 art packs which were delivered to the nurses who returned from Victoria and begun their hotel quarantine. The packs contained watercolour paint and paper, markers, craft leaves to be used for mindfulness exercises and an activity booklet containing six art-based activities,” Jess said.

“The intention of the packs is to offer nurses with an opportunity to practice mindfulness and explore and reflect on their experience through art-based techniques.”

CCH and The Hospital Research Foundation Group* were proud to contribute to the care packages along with Tynte Flowers, MECCA and Kmart Australia, and coordinated by the Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

We’re thrilled to be able to support our healthcare heroes and are grateful for all their hard work!

*CCH is part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group