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1st April 2020 Latest News

Supporting Patients and their Families During COVID-19

Jess Bennett Art Therapy

Supporting patients at TQEH through COVID-19

Art Therapists Jess Bennett and Estelle Chapple are working hard to continue supporting patients and their families at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) through COVID-19.

Through the Centre for Creative Health (CCH), Jess and Estelle have created art packs for TQEH’s General Medicine wards, including palliative care patients and their families, to help improve patient wellbeing during these unprecedented times since they can no longer be present on the wards.

The packs contain an A4 journal, markers, pencils, pastels and more for patients and their families to take their minds off their challenges.

“The art packs are intended to offer patients a way to practice self-care and work towards their healing through art making,” Jess said.

“The packs also provide a guide which offers approachable art activities and the opportunity for self-reflection and goal setting using the journal.”

The packs are also beneficial for TQEH’s staff who are on the frontline and experiencing uncertainty during this challenging time.

In addition, Estelle said they are providing small candle packs for Grief and Bereavement Social Workers to connect with people who have recently lost a loved one and are finding this time especially challenging.

“This is an incredibly difficult time for families and patients. Helping people find a creative way of communicating and connecting from afar is important in processing and coping emotionally with the end of their loved one’s life,” Estelle said.

Jess and Estelle are also working with Diversional Therapist Lou Gannon to deliver art materials to the mental health inpatient units at TQEH and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“We are collaborating with the Occupational Therapy teams to ensure appropriate distribution of the materials. It is important now more than ever, that we are still supporting patients and their families as best we can,” Jess said.

CCH is proud to be continuing these important therapies for people in hospital during these difficult times.