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7th October 2018 Latest News

Mental Health Exhibition at the RAH

Mental Health Week Exhibition at RAH

To coincide with Mental Health Week 7 – 13 of October 2018, an exhibition of illustrations by international artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison has been on display in the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Community Gallery. These illustrations were created for the children’s picture book Meltdown Moments.

The book was written by leading psychiatrist Dr Anne Sved Williams and places an emphasis on the mental health and wellbeing for families to assist parents in raising a generation of strong, resilient and happy children.

Through exploring the effect that parental moods or ‘meltdowns’ can have on children, the book assists families to find better ways of dealing with issues and can help children understand changing parental moods.

Originally intended to help children with a parent who experiences ‘meltdowns’ as part of the condition Borderline Personality Disorder, Meltdown Moments is now a useful tool for many diverse families dealing with mental health difficulties.

The illustrations will continue to be displayed in the South Gallery on level 3 by the main public dining area until 21 November 2018.