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1st May 2021 Latest News

Inaugural CCH Exhibition Success

Dentons LGE

the nature of being was the inaugural exhibition presented by the Centre for Creative Health (CCH) and Dentons Fisher Jeffries.

Presented in May 2021, it was curated by CCH’s Senior Curator Fiona Borthwick and Assistant Curator Steph Cibich. The exhibition was an eclectic display of work by local artists which responded to notions of healing, growth and repair whilst reflecting some of our most visceral experiences and exploring what it means to be a human being.

The exhibition featured works by local artists Maxwell Callaghan, Sam Gold, Rebecca McEwan, Cassie Thring and Lee Walter. It was a unique opportunity for CCH to exhibit work that otherwise cannot be displayed within a hospital setting, including ceramics, encaustic wax, and installation work, whilst still connecting to the core principles that underpin CCH programs.

the nature of being was officially opened on Friday 30 April 2021 by CCH Board Member and Partner of Dentons Fisher Jeffries Nicholas Linke, who said the law firm is a strong supporter of the arts in South Australia.

“Dentons Fisher Jeffries was delighted to host the inaugural exhibition of the works of five exceptional local artists in the nature of being and support the work of CCH, connecting arts and health,” Nicholas said.

Fiona added: “We were thrilled to partner with Dentons Fisher Jeffries and for the opportunity to collaborate with five South Australian artists to present the exhibition. This was a rare opportunity to exhibit artworks outside the healthcare setting and connect to the core ideas underpinning CCH’s programs: health, healing, wellbeing and what it means to be human.”

View the Exhibition Catalogue – The Nature of Being