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1st October 2020 Latest News

Hospital Mural Created for Parents to Enjoy

TQEH Mural

The Centre for Creative Health’s (CCH) Diversional Therapist Lou Gannon has brightened The Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s (TQEH) walls for patients by creating a courtyard mural for them to enjoy when in hospital.

The courtyard mural is located within the mental health unit at TQEH. Lou intentionally involved patients staying in the Crammond Clinic through the design process, asking for their input and what they would like to see on the wall.

“The unanimous response was a ‘view’; to me this meant incorporating the hills, plains and the waves of the sea in the foreground, including a whale to finish it off,” Lou said.

“I also incorporated the Port River lighthouse and a bright pink Holden as there used to be a Holden factory at Woodville. The patients also wanted to incorporate local flora and fauna which is featured in the mural.”

The mural is deliberately unfinished, with plans underway to expand and enhance it over time with more patient input!

CCH is proud to be helping patients in hospital through these initiatives.