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27th October 2020 Latest News

Expressing Emotions Through Art

Art Therapist Karin Foxwell

There is no doubt art can have a healing impact on people, especially those who struggle to express their thoughts and feelings.

The Centre for Creative Health’s Art Therapist Karin Foxwell and Art Tutor Kaz Pederson work closely with Australian military members and emergency service personnel who are struggling with their physical and invisible wounds from their service. This is through Military and Emergency Services Health Australia (MESHA), also part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

Karin delivers an art program called Trauma Psychotherapy Plus, an ongoing individualised program designed specifically for Defence and emergency service personnel with Post-Traumatic symptoms.

The program is a trauma informed psychotherapy counselling service that aims to build personal growth, self-awareness and acceptance, improve problem solving and conflict resolution through the use of visual art mediums.

To make an appointment with Karin, email [email protected] or call (08) 8244 1100.

Art tutor Kaz holds inpatient art practice sessions within the Jamie Larcombe Centre, a mental health precinct providing mental health support for veterans. This program gives veterans the opportunity to practice and develop art skills and techniques while exploring the healing potential of art. It allows inpatients to engage in a variety of art activities, including drawing, paint, pouring and sculpting.

Patients who enjoy the program are considered for further art training through a MESHA Art Scholarship program, a 10-week short course at the Adelaide Central School of Art, located at Glenside.

To make an appointment with Kaz, email [email protected]