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18th October 2023 Latest News

Creative path to mental health wellness

Kaz art therapist resized

Free weekly art sessions for inpatients have been introduced at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the psychiatric ward at Glenside.

Research strongly supports the benefits of Art Therapy. Some benefits include relieving stress, encouraging creative thinking, increasing confidence, developing fine motor skills, plus overarching mental health benefits of activating the reward pathways in the brain.

Visual arts tutor and artist Kaz Pedersen, who has had more than 30 years in the arts field, runs creative sessions for veterans and is now expanding the offering to inpatients at RAH, TQEH and Glenside.

Kaz is excited about sharing her passion for art and assisting people in developing their individual style.

Kaz teaches drawing, all forms of painting, oils, acrylics, water colours, realistic and abstract, print making, pottery, artist books, cyanotypes, paper making and more.

“Everyone is creative,” Kaz said. “An interest in art and a desire to practice is all that is needed.”

Some of the sessions include a guided project or process, but patients are also encouraged to take the lead to pursue their artistic interest.

As a youngster, Kaz was encouraged by her mum, and she hopes to do the same in the art sessions in the wards.

“I knew I wanted to be a different sort of art teacher. One who believes art is for everybody, one that transfers knowledge of those skills and techniques to students and inspires people to believe in their own abilities,” said Kaz.

Thanks to our generous donors, there is no cost for inpatients and veterans to participate.

A selection of tools and materials are provided at the venues.

Veterans and emergency first responders can access the program at the Fullarton Art Studio.

Contact Kaz for more information on (08) 7002 0880 or 0426 264 443 or [email protected]