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11th March 2022 Latest News

Choosing Music Therapy to Heal

Phillip   Music Therapy

When Phillip pictured his 60th birthday he never thought he would be spending it in hospital. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to him in early 2021. Previously fit and healthy, Phillip’s life was turned upside down following complications from pancreatic surgery, resulting in him spending months in the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

His surgery was a result of cysts found in his pancreas which were on the verge of becoming cancerous. His doctor advised they remove them as Phillip’s loving mother passed away from pancreatic cancer at just 59 years old.

“My cysts were discovered the same age my mum passed away, so I had the surgery, which initially went well,” Phillip said.

Unfortunately, Phillip’s health began declining and he found himself back in hospital twice with infections. Phillip spent months in hospital and for some of that time, he was unable to see his beloved wife Marlene as she was receiving chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer.

Healing Through Music

Music therapy has been a necessary escape for Phillip through an extremely difficult time. Phillip enjoys playing piano in his personal time and has been playing in bands since he was 17 years old.

“I hadn’t played in months since my health issues started,” Phillip said.

“Initially, I couldn’t even move my fingers, they were so stiff. But now, instead of laying in this bed looking at the four walls all day wondering when I can be discharged, music is back in my life and is a welcome relief.”

Dr Patsy Tan, one of our valued Music Therapists, knows that music therapy can give patients a sense
of control at an otherwise turbulent time.

Dr Tan delivering Music Therapy to Phillip at the RAH

“A patient once said to me – you can’t choose your pills or food once you are admitted to hospital, but you can always choose your music,” Dr Tan said.

“Music therapy significantly helps reduce anxiety for my patients, enhances their mood and improves their overall health and wellbeing.”

Phillip strongly believes it would be brilliant if more people could benefit from music therapy.

“Music therapy is an escape from all the trauma and worry of everything else.”

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