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10th August 2022 Latest News

Brightening the Cardiology Unit at Lyell McEwin Hospital

Cardiology waiting room at LMH

The walls of the cardiology unit at the Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) are a bit brighter thanks to a painting purchased by the Director of the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, Associate Professor Margaret Arstall!

The painting was part of artist Kelly Batsiokis exhibition which featured at our LMH Gallery earlier in 2022, called ‘Flummoxed Flock’.

Margaret was immediately drawn to a particular bright and colourful painting, and she immediately knew where its new home needed to be.

“Wally the Galah is a fantastic work of art depicting a cheeky galah. He looks at you and almost winks! I loved the collection of bird paintings as they were displayed a LMH just adjacent to our department,” A/Prof Arstall said.

“In the end our senior administrator Bev, helped me choose Wally as the one! I wanted to share this beautiful painting and keep it visible for everyone to enjoy even after the exhibition was over, so I decided to display him in our departmental patient waiting room.

Image credit: Kelly Batsiokis, ‘Wally the Galah’, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 122cm. Image courtesy the artist.

“He looks out into the walkway and down the corridor of our department watching over us and keeping us smiling on a busy day, just like real galahs do when they look on us from lamp posts as we drive to and from work.

“It brightens up the space and is a lot better than our notice board!”

CCH’s Senior Curator Fi Borthwick said: “Kelly’s paintings capture the quirky characteristics of Australian birds. Through an abundance of colour, these vibrant works illustrate the familiar personalities of some of our most iconic wildlife, bringing a sense of joy and connection to hospital staff, patients and visitors.”

“It’s fantastic A/Prof Arstall purchase one of the paintings from our Gallery at the LMH. All our Galleries in our various hospitals across SA aim to provide a dynamic and healing environment for staff, patients and visitors. The fact that one of the paintings will now be permanent in the cardiology waiting room for everyone to enjoy is really special.”

The majority of artwork on display in the Galleries is available for sale, with 75% of the sale price going directly to the artist and 25% returning to support CCH Exhibition Programs.