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20th February 2019 Latest News

Brightening Palliative Care Through Art

Brightening Palliative Care through Art

Providing palliative care patients with the opportunity to access over 100 art works has been the catalyst to establishing the Central Adelaide Palliative Care Art Library.

These art works, some original and others from famous artists are now available to be individually selected by palliative care patients residing in the ward to be placed in their room.

We are proud to be part of this initiative by donating most of the art works, as a combined effort with the Central Adelaide Palliative Care Art volunteers who have photographed, logged and created the library catalogue as well as the Prospect Men’s Shedders who have repaired and refreshed many wooden frames, ready for selection.

Gallery style rails have been constructed in each room of the Palliative Care ward, giving patients the opportunity to select multiple art works to brighten their room and create their own personal gallery. This has encouraged children and family members to create and display artwork for their loved ones, adding their personal touch to the room.

Volunteers and nursing staff working with a person-centered approach offer patients the freedom to select art works – a rare chance for individual self-expression in the hospital setting. Some patients have even reported feeling grounded by the artwork when suffering delirium.

As the Art Library becomes further established, it is hoped to undertake research to highlight the impact of artwork displayed in medical settings and the effect on patients’ wellbeing similar to research undertaken at Canberra Hospital.

Research of this kink is only made possible through kind donations; click here if you would like to support us by making a donation.