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9th December 2021 Community Stories

Artwork Connecting Families During COVID

Sarah   Heather Balfour Ogilvy   artwork sale

When Heather Balfour-Ogilvy came across an artwork on display at one of the CCH galleries at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, it immediately spoke to her and she knew she had to purchase it for her daughter Sarah.

Sarah had been battling through one of the world’s longest lockdowns in Melbourne and so Heather wanted to purchase the artwork to put a smile on her face.

“We sent many treats and gifts to our Melbourne family during the long lockdown, but this painting was very special. It really lifted Sarah’s spirits,” Heather said.

“She definitely understood why I chose Sarah Northcott’s artwork for her.”

Sarah added: “Melbourne’s lockdown has been tough in so many ways, but the borders being shut indefinitely was probably the hardest part for me as I know it was for many.”

“This artwork reminds me of South Australia; the distinctive sand, red colours and gorgeous street scape all feel like home.

“I was so touched mum and dad bought it for me and I smile at it every day in my Melbourne kitchen.”

Support CCH Through Artwork Sales

CCH’s gallery program has been established to create a pleasant environment for staff and a healing environment and place to browse for patients and visitors.

The ever-changing exhibitions are across the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital, Modbury Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

When you purchase an artwork from one of our galleries, 25 per cent of the sale comes back to CCH, which helps us continue creating a healing environment for patients in hospital.

For more information, call us (08) 7002 0877 or email [email protected].