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1st October 2020 Latest News

Adapting to Changing Environments for Patients

Hospital Patient with iPad

The Centre for Creative Health (CCH) is proud to have an even bigger impact on patient care through our new online services!

Due to COVID-19, government and hospital policies meant that patients were unable to have visitors and their ability to move around the hospital was very limited.

It was important CCH adapted and developed accessible, user-friendly ways to improve the experience of healthcare, especially for those in hospital during COVID-19.

Video and Moving Image Program Launch

In 2020, CCH launched a new program for video and moving image artists to create virtual art for hospital patients who were unable to leave their rooms or have visitors at Royal Adelaide Hospital.

This program is facilitated through CCH’s website and YouTube channel and solely exists in the digital space to provide accessible and engaging artwork for patients and the wider hospital and South Australian communities.

Senior Curator at CCH, Fiona Borthwick said the idea was to bring the healing environment to the bedside, workstation or wherever the viewer may be.

“For patients unable to move from their hospital rooms, this digital artwork space provides a distraction for them and hopefully helps them get their mind off what they are going through,” Fiona said.

“We hope it will alleviate stress for patients.”

Applications for the CCH Video and Moving Image Program are still open. For more information, please contact Steph Cibich, CCH Assistant Curator on [email protected]

Bringing the Conversations to You

The CCH team is highlighting the importance of arts and health through a series of online video discussions

Driven by the CCH Curatorial team, this series of discussions profiles arts and health professionals who assist CCH in delivering engaging programs for hospital communities at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital and Palliative Care at Flinders.


Presented through CCH’s social media channels, the In-Conversation series promotes the important role of arts within a health context and provides a fresh opportunity for audiences to connect with arts and health professionals and CCH programs.

Visit our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels to catch the series episodes!