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1st November 2017 Latest News

Activity Packs Spreading Joy to Children in Hospital

Ashbrook Craft Group

Facilitated through Centre for Creative Health (CCH), the loving ladies from Ashbrook Craft Group are putting together activity packs for children who may be in need of entertainment during a long stay in the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Emergency Department.

The packs each contain a teddy bear, coloured pencils, colouring in books and a story book to keep children entertained for what could be anything from an hour to a day’s wait in the emergency department. Staff or volunteers in emergency are equipped with these packs and are able to hand them out at their discretion when a child appears in need.

Meeting every week, the lovely Ashbrook Craft Group ladies source all the goods for the pack themselves and lovingly hand knit many of the teddy bears included in the bags.

“There are times in a case of emergency when relatives of patients find they need to be at the hospital and that entails bringing children with them,” Barbara McFarlane from The Ashbrook Craft Group shared.

“As you can imagine, this sometimes means being there over several hours in emotional circumstances so at these times children are offered an Activity Pack by volunteers.

“Seeing the joy that the children get and the relief of the relative is very rewarding.”

These activity packs continue to put a smile on the face of children going through a difficult time. A big thank you to the ladies from The Ashbrook Craft Group for putting them together.

You can donate to CCH to directly support these packs to ensure children can have access to them long into the future.