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16th July 2018 Latest News

A Dance Epidemic Success

Dancing CCH

On Friday 13 July, the International Dance Congress Panpapanpalya 2018 was held in Adelaide with 800 participants from 29 countries and speaking 16 languages, taking part.

One of the projects developed a year ago and reaching its conclusion at the congress was a research and dance creation project known as Creative Gatherings. This is a collaboration between the Centre for Creative Health, the University of Auckland, Queensland University of Technology, Australian Dance Council, Royal Academy of Dance, Australian Dance Theatre and SAHMRI (South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute).

The results of the project are an academic research paper which will be published later this year and a creative performance called Dance Epidemic which was performed at the RAH and SAHMRI on Friday July 13.

Dance Epidemic was created by ten dance leaders from across Australia and was performed by a large group of young and adult dance students ranging in age from six to 103 and coming from schools, clubs and universities from across Denmark, Canada, Taiwan, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Jamaica and Germany as well as from across Australia.

The dances for the RAH were specifically designed to create interest for patients, visitors and staff spending time on Level 3 based on themes connected to both dance and life, art and medicine and the human body.