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12th May 2022 Latest News

2021 CCH Art Prize Main Prize Winner

2021 Art Prize winner Jasmine Crisp with Ruby Allegra with winning artwork ‘They had to share (a portrait of Ruby)

Congratulations to Jasmine Crisp, who won the $40,000 Main Prize for her oil painting of Ruby Allegra: They had to share (a portrait of Ruby).

“The art prize has changed my life so much! Having my work of Ruby recognised and celebrated by this award is truly invaluable to us, it’s so special to have an intimate but important story shared this way. The prize itself has and will continue to support me in pursuing an arts practice in testing times and allow me to create more ambitious work for the future. I’m hugely grateful and will be sure to feel the gifts of this award for a long time to come.”

Of their experience, Ruby says: “Growing up, privacy and personal care was not taught to me in the same way as my non-disabled peers. Constant scrutiny in medical environments and the presence of support workers through my morning routines meant that often my body, privacy and autonomy felt as though they did not belong to me. Showers weren’t private matters, and the experience of undressing in front of adults I didn’t know well was part of my everyday life.

I have a complex relationship with nudity. I’m often very comfortable with being naked and unfazed by dressing/undressing in front of others, but it’s always been a very medicalised thing for me. I’ve always had to share my privacy with others, sometimes without any say in the matter, context or people.

As an adult, making the decision to share my privacy with Jasmine for the purposes of taking reference photos for this piece has been empowering and an important point of visibility and representation of disabled bodies and mobility aids in fine arts.”

Of this work the judges said: “This narrative painting remains both true to the artist’s fascination with relationships between people, their belongings and home environments, while also strongly embracing the 2021 theme of Healing.

‘They had to share, (a portrait of Ruby)’ highlights Jasmine’s sensitive connection and portrayal of her subject. She honours and captures Ruby’s unique perspective of their lived experiences, often confronting, and frequently lacking in privacy.

It is a portrait expressing the individuality, strength, endurance, and resilience of the sitter, and one which the judges believe a worthy recipient as the winner of the inaugural CCH Art Prize.”

Image: Inaugural Centre for Creative Health Art Prize winner Jasmine Crisp with Ruby Allegra alongside her winning artwork. Image credit: asbCreative.