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20th February 2019 Latest News

2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival Exhibitions

Shilpa Jesudason and Michelle

The Centre for Creative Health (CCH) is thrilled to once again be participating in the Adelaide Fringe Festival with an eclectic group of artists and exhibitions on display in the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s (RAH) commercial Galleries.

The RAH’s 2019 Fringe Festival exhibitions officially launched at an opening event on Tuesday 12 February by Associate Professor Shilpa Jesudason – Staff Specialist Nephrologist, Central and Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplantation Service (CNARTS). She has been working closely with CCH on a research project examining the effects of arts in clinical care for renal dialysis patients.

Exhibitions include Emily Lauro’s ‘The Journey Within’, a representation of self-growth and an expression of learning, joy and achievement which will be on display in the Bessie Davidson gallery.

‘Filament’ by Kate Little is showing in the Sir Ivor Hele gallery and is an exploration of the intersection between art and science with a focus on textile techniques through which the physical and chemical properties of ink and natural dyes are examined.

Jordan Spence presents artwork in the Margaret Preston Gallery that seeks to bring new visual experiences and uncover an understanding of the natural order through a geometrical expression of the ‘Golden Ratio’ or ‘Phi’ in his exhibition ‘Visually Phi’.

All three exhibitions are listed in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival Guide and are open to the public during business hours Monday – Friday in the Outpatients Corridor on level 3 of the RAH. We look forward to seeing you there!