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Transform lives through Music Therapy

At THRF Group – Creative Health, we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of patients, families, and staff in South Australian hospitals through art, music and design. Will you help sponsor a Music Therapist for an entire year, providing patients across two hospitals in need of the healing power of music?

Support our life-changing music therapy program in Adelaide

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The healing power of music

Music Therapy is an evidence-based treatment that helps with various disorders, including cardiac conditions, depression, autism, substance abuse and Alzheimer’s disease. 

In hospital inpatient care, Music Therapy activities can be used to alleviate pain in conjunction with pain medication, mitigate pre-operative or hospitalisation anxiety, elevate patient mood, enhance physical rehabilitation, induce sleep, reduce muscle tension for relaxation and maintain a person’s overall quality of life.

Music therapists rely heavily on funding from caring supporters like you to continue their important work.

Will you sponsor one of our dedicated Music Therapists and ensure we meet the needs of all patients across two hospitals?


Benefits of Music Therapy

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Reduces stress and anxiety

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Improves mood and emotional wellbeing

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Enhances communication and social skills

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Boosts cognitive function and memory

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Eases physical pain and symptoms

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Provides a non-verbal outlet for emotions and experiences

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Supports overall mental health and improves quality of life

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Promotes relaxation and better sleep

Music changes lives

Catherine is non-verbal, living with Autism and an intellectual disability. She regularly sees Music Therapist Patsy Tan, who works to improve her memory and cognitive function, one song at a time. 

“She is learning how to count through music, and she can sing phrases when Patsy plays for her. It’s the best therapy she could possibly have.” 

Margaret, who is recovering from an amputated leg, has also felt the therapeutic benefits of music therapy. 

“I was bored to tears – I couldn’t do anything, and I was stuck on my side for most of the day when someone suggested music therapy,” says Margaret. 

“I find music therapy relaxing and it helps me switch off from whatever is happening in my life.” 

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Support Music Therapy

Your generous donation will go directly towards funding a music therapist’s salary, training, and materials for the entire year, providing individuals in need with the support they need to heal and improve their quality of life through music.

$26,100 supports 3 months of music therapy

$52,200 supports 6 months

$104,400 supports an entire year!

Will you help support the important work of a Music Therapist and significantly impacting our community’s health?

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Together, we're stronger.

“Some patients can't remember their own name, or name of family members. But they remember the lyrics to a song they know. It's very rewarding to see their personality come back,” said Ainsley, Assistant in Nursing.

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