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DOUBLE your impact this Giving Day!

More than 8 million Australians are living with a long-term health condition. The power of creative therapies to improve both physical and mental health cannot be underestimated! But can you imagine a world where music and art therapy are available to every person who needs them?

By donating a generous gift this Giving Day, you will have a personal hand in improving health, wellbeing and quality of life for our loved ones through music, art and diversional therapy.

Your donation will be DOUBLED if you give on or before Giving Day on 6 June!

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Your gift has double the impact!

Join us on 6 June for our biggest-ever Giving Day and double your impact!

Thanks to a group of generous donors who have contributed to our Giving Day gift-match fund, your donation will be doubled when you give today, enabling you to make an even bigger difference. 

These donors share our passion for the new projects that we are working on, and they want to encourage others like you to give by matching your donation!  

Remember, all donations received on or before 6 June will be DOUBLED. Will you please give a kind gift today?  

Donate now and double my impact! 

Help us provide and expand our services

Thanks to your support, South Australians battling complex health journeys are receiving receive the best support when they need it most! From people like Jane, who found respite in art therapy after facing many physical and mental health challenges, Sean, who experienced the incredible support of therapeutic art, and Jo, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and was aided by diversional therapy. These stories give us strength and courage to make an even greater difference!

Will you make a donation today and ensure more South Australians can access music, diversional and art therapy to improve health and promote healing, right now? Your donation will be DOUBLED if you give on or before our Giving Day on 6 June!

Patsy Tan and Phillip

Help people like Margaret!

Together, with you in our corner, we can ensure all South Australians receive the best care, when they need it most!

  • Thanks to you, countless Australians will continue to receive immense support and hope through therapeutic art programs.
  • Your donation today will help provide legacy projects, such as the much-loved Treasure Bear service to palliative care patients and their families. 

Let’s make a powerful difference this Giving Day and bring the power of the arts to our loved ones, improving wellbeing, health, and life experience. 



It's up to us to make a powerful difference!

It’s because of people like you that our loved ones continue to experience powerful support and care through art, music, diversional therapy, and exhibition programs!


Your Giving Day donations will be matched! Donations made on or before June 6th 2024, at 9 PM ACST are eligible for matching up to the total matching fund amount (to be announced on June 6th 2024, at 9 AM ACST). Matching stops at 9 PM ACST or if the fund is exhausted prior. Any matching pledges unfulfilled before June 6th 2024, at 9 AM ACST, will not be included in the matching fund total.